"Dear Dr Neelam Maheshwari, Two years back i had the good fortune to get 12 oral implants from you. Earlier i had bridges and dentures and always felt handicapped, experienced poor anchorage, had difficulty in chewing, prevented re-absorption of the jaw bone and even lost confidence . Since i was in the teaching profession my speech was deformed and at times felt embarassed.Then you explained to me the benefits of oral implants and also the detailed procedure. After one year i must share my experience with you. these implants have restored my chewing functions, have boosted my confidence and they give me the feeling of real teeth. Thanks for the perfect way you have done the job. I am thankful for the perfection with which you have implanted. You always afforded warm smile and confidence and let me feel at ease. May God bless you with added expertise to serve the Humanitty. best wishes. "

C.P. Malik

"I am 75 years old and I am still carrying a healthy and dazzling smile.Credit goes to Dr. Neelam Maheshwari.She has placed five implantswhich are till date giving me benefits.It is her right guidance and efforts which had made it possible for me to enjoy my meals without a second thought. "

Mr. N.C.Saxena

"Dr.Neelam has done my treatment wonderfully and she has a well equiped clinic"