Pediatric and General Dentistry

or a lifetime of healthy smiles, your mouth needs a healthy foundation. Regular checkups and proper homecare will help you maintain good dental health. During your recare appointment, our hygienist will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums. An oral cancer screening, periodontal exam, and bite assessment allow us to assess your oral health comprehensively. If we discover problems, like gum disease or tooth decay, Dr. Neelam will suggest treatment to repair the damage and re-establish oral wellness.


As a general dentist, Dr. Neelam treats patients of all ages, including children. To protect young teeth from decay, Dr. Neelam may recommend dental sealants and fluoride treatments. Dental sealants, a plastic material applied to the chewing surfaces of back teeth, act as barriers that protect vulnerable areas from plaque and decay.


To offer some examples, preventive care can include:


• Comprehensive Exams
• Hygiene Visits
• CAESY Patient Education
• Periodontal Disease Treatment
• Dental Sealants
• Night Guards for Bruxism
• Athletic Mouthguards
• Gum Disease