If you have lost all or most of your teeth, you need natural-looking, reliable replacement teeth. Dentures are a set of false teeth that restore comfortable function and a confident smile. In most cases, dentures are delivered the same day the remaining teeth. For some patients, implant support for their dentures is necessary or desired to hold the denture in place allowing for more natural function of the teeth. Dr. Neelam will tailor a comprehensive treatment plan specific to your individual needs.


Whether you require a full or partial set of dentures, you can rely on Dr. Neelam to create a solid, comfortable, and natural looking dentures, designed just for you.


Mini Implant Dentures:


No Small Wonder!
Imagine visiting your dentist in the morning, having a mini-implant system placed in just a few hours, and then enjoying lunch with a friend at your favorite restaurant. During your relaxing lunch, you eat comfortably, laugh, and talk with confidence as your new denture are securely and firmly held in place.


The Life Care MDI System is also referred to as the mini implant system (1.8mm in diameter), developed to provide greater denture stability for patients who can’t withstand conventional implant surgery, who don’t have enough bone to allow for full-sized dental implants, or who are in the process of changing from one prosthetic system to another. The MDI System consists of a miniature titanium implant that functions as a prosthetic tooth root and a retaining fixture installed into the base of your denture. When in place, the denture gently rests on the gum, and the implant fixtures allow for tiny movements, while withstanding natural lifting forces. MDI placement is a one-step procedure that involves minimally invasive surgery and no sutures. Healing time is shorter than typical denture placement procedures.


If you want to learn more about mini implant dentures or other prosthetics, please contact us. We will gladly discuss your options or schedule your private consultation.


Different options for tooth replacements

Full Complete Denture
• These are given when all the teeth are lost


1. Acrylic
2. Metal



• Overdentures are given when 2 or 3 teeth are left in the arch and when RPD will not be stable.
• We can get Tight fit dentures by preserving 2 or 3 teeth.


• First we prepare the remaining teeth so that we can give Telescopic crowns over them.
• Crowns are given on the prepared teeth
• Counnter crowns are fitted in denture
• Patient can perform all the movements from the tongue without shaking the denture
• Patient has to use both her hands and force to remove the denture
• Patient is very happy and can laugh and sing


Removable Partial Denture (Acrylic)

• Has metal clasps for retention which can be adjusted whenever the denture becomes loose or tight
• On further loss of natural tooth,additional teeth can be attached to acrylic RPD
• Drawbacks – It is very stiff and uncomfortable to the patient

Removable Partial Denture (Cast Partial)

• Better fit and more comfortable than acrylic RPD
• Metal gives better sensation of Hot and Cold


Removable Partial Denture (Distal Extension)


Removable Partial Denture (Flexible)

• Has gum coloured clasps instead of metal clasps
• Since it is very flexible it very comfortable for the patient
• Drawbacks – It does not have metal clasps so it cannot be tightened when it becomes loose
• Later on teeth cannot be attached to this RPD